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Solar lawn light

Solar lawn lamp is a kind of green energy lamp, which is characterized by safety, energy saving, environmental protection and convenient installation. The solar lawn lamp is mainly composed of light source, controller, battery, solar cell module and ...


Electric hand drill

In 1895, the German overtone produced the world's first DC hand drill. The shell is made of cast iron and can drill holes in 4mm on steel plates. Flashlight drill is a convenient tool for small drilling. It consists of small motors, control switches,...


Rechargeable electric drill

The charging drill is a portable electric drill with its own lithium ion battery or nickel chromium battery, which can be recharged repeatedly. This kind of drill does not need external power, so it is suitable for use in the field or without powe...


Solar Garden Light

The solar courtyard lamp is powered by solar radiation, solar battery board is used to charge the battery during the day, and the battery is used in the evening. It does not need complex and expensive pipeline laying. It can adjust the layout o...


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International Online Henan Channel News: as an important event of the twenty-fourth Sanmenxia the Yellow River Cultural Tourism Festival and the Sixth China characteristic commodity Expo, May 29th, the "2018 China (Yima)" energy storage and power lithium battery and the development of its key materials, hosted by the China Chemical Information Center and the Yima municipal people's Government The forum was held in Sanmenxia, Henan.

China (Yima) energy storage and power lithium battery development forum held

A war without cobalt? The biggest revolution of lithium-ion batteries by Panasonic

 XinXiang Boyu Power Sources Co., Ltd. located at the beautiful Weihe riverside of Xinxiang City, is a high-tech enterprise, which specialize in R&D, production, sales and marketing of rechargeable battery.
 The major products are Ni-Cd(.AA,2/3AA,AAA,1/3AAA,2/3AAA,SC,C,D,F etc), Ni-MH(.AA,2/3AA,AAA,1/3AAA,2/3AAA,SC,C,D,F etc), 18650/14500 type Lithium ion battery,also include matched power supply and charger.
 The company has strong technical support and Advanced production equipment,unique manufacturing process, advanced testing method, reliable quality guaranty system to ensure high quality batteries.
 Rely on advanced science and technology, computerized key processes ,the every factors that affect quality are controlled to ensure batteries' consistent uniformity,long discharge flat, small internal resistance and low self-discharge.